Praise for Universal Death Care

  • "Dr. Anderson's book, Universal Death Care, takes the reader. ona riveting, roller coaster style journey from the sights, sounds, and smells of war and back into the bureaucratic nightmare of the American healthcare stystem. The heart pounding events of his past kept my adrenaline flowing while also raising a myriad of issues that made me question what I thought I knew about modern medicine."


  • "A young doctor thrown into the Fog of War and bled dry of his humanity now wades into the Fog of the American Medical System, only then to confront the ever-consuming hydra we pretend is healthcare in this country. A fresh perspective from eyes that have looked down the gun barrel to now taking aim at the absurdities of your healthcare."


  • "A gripping and raw action-packed opening, followed by a profound and disturbing description of fear's crippling hold on humans, and woven together with intriguing and provocative connections to the current state of affairs in the US healthcare system make Reagan's book a compelling read."


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